The procedure of getting a divorce

If you are not happy with your marriage and thing do not work out, you can always go for a divorce. Best divorce lawyers can get you rid off your abusive marriage in absolutely no time and you can have the peace of your mind back! Here are few tips on how you can file for getting divorce.

Procedure to file for divorce

The procedure of filing a divorce may sound complicated to many people. As a result of this, we have written this article to guide you into it.

You must know where exactly to file

If you are state resident, you can file for divorce in that state. It does not matter where the marriage took place. To be a resident of a state, you must have lived in the state for a certain period of time, which can range from 90 days to 1 year. There can also be local residency requirements based on your country, which may vary from state to state.

Gather all relevant documents

Finding prosecutor to help you with filing for divorce is essential. Before you consult with a divorce lawyer you must gather all the documents that are going to be required in your divorce proceedings, here is the list of those documents:

  • Wedding certificate
  • Child birth certificates
  • Property deeds and titles
  • Receipt from joint purchases
  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Other records of finances of joint assets
  • Document that would prove reason for divorce, for example a proof of abusive relationship with spouse or committed adultery.

Reach separation agreement

Some states require you and your spouse to come to a preliminary agreement on child custody, child support or how you are going to split your property before you file divorce, this agreement can be for certain period of time between you and your spouse before you file for divorce.

File divorce petition

Filing divorce petition is the first step of paperwork. Petitioner will file against your spouse, fee for filing petition is around $300, but it can vary. Petition begins process of getting divorce. When you file petition, court asks respondent to respond and that is how it officially begins.

What to include in petition?

Divorce laws vary from state to state. Most of the states requires grounds for divorce which includes unfair treatment, abandonment, adultery, domestic abuse or it can be separation for a period of time. Furthermore, you may have to include what exactly do you want out of divorce such as child support, financial support.

Request temporary orders

Through temporary order, you can ask your spouse to pay for child support or spousal support or you can order your spouse to pay bills while your divorce is pending. If you are concerned about your safety, you can also get temporary restraining order against your spouse. These orders last until the divorce is finalized. If you want these orders to be continued after your divorce these details must be included in final divorce verdict.

Finalize and sign your divorce petition

After you have read and filled the form, read them again carefully to make sure the information you have entered is correct. If you have typed the form do check the typos. Make sure it has no false information in it because it will create a mess in future during your divorce proceedings.

Serve papers to your spouse

Process begins when you send papers to notify your spouse that you are seeking divorce against them. Filing fee is usually around $50, but it varies from state to state. Most states require you to serve the papers in person but sometimes court allows you to serve papers by mail or publication but keep in mind that it happens under very specific circumstances.

Ending note

These steps may sound complicated in the beginning and you might feel blank but once it starts it will go smooth, all you have to do is to go for top rated divorce lawyers Alexandria VA in town and rest your case in their hands




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