The color of your countertops should complement the rest of your kitchen, including the walls, backsplash and the cabinets as well. Here are some granite countertops color ideas which will go well with white colored cabinets. Let’s begin!

Black Looks Amazing Against White Cabinets

Nothing speaks bold than a black and white contrast. Black countertops with white cabinets give your kitchen a very characteristic appeal and it looks amazing. Lucky for you, granite has a beautiful variety in black countertops, which will make you look at them in awe. They are similar to looking at a night sky with stars shining through.

The black granite countertop trend is still very much in the game, and it makes your kitchen look dark, mysterious and beautiful. The black is balanced perfectly with the white hues of cabinets and your kitchen will end up looking like a masterpiece.

White On White

Yes, black and white is bold, but if you are looking for something even more stark, then you can go for white colored granite. White granite looks just as beautiful as any other granite color, but there is something very elegant and pristine about white granite with its subtle veining ingrained in the surface of the rock. You can never go wrong with a white-on-white combination, but keep in mind that it is bound to look dirty and you will have to clean it a lot to make it look stark and bright

Try Neutral Colors

Nothing looks great against white colored cabinets than warm and neutral colors. You don’t have to go for browns, grays and off whites, you can experiment with different pastel colors which are muted. Light blues, greens and lavender looks amazing against white and it gives your kitchen a whimsical feel.

Light and neutral pastel colors always add that touch of sweetness and warmth to your kitchen that is missing a lot of the times. These colors will also compliment your kitchen interior very nicely so there is no need to worry about the colors clashing with each other.

Go For Browns

Brown is a great color to go for, if you want to tone down the brightness and crispness of the stark white color of your cabinets. Brown is a great warm color that adds a lot of characters to your kitchen. It also makes the space look cozy and welcoming. Brown is a great kitchen color and you will not regret choosing this color, once you see how amazing it looks and how well it complements the color white. You will instantly feel the warmth of the color brown seeping through the crisp white color and enveloping your kitchen in coziness.

Soft And Muted Grays For A Classic Look

Gray is also another color which looks amazing against white. Gray and white are complimentary colors and they always complete and perfect each other. There are a lot of color spectrums in gray but the best choice is going for soft and muted shades of gray. Soft and blushing colors of gray always give a complimenting and soft look to your kitchen and it doesn’t look harsh either. Gray color will instantly add warmth to your kitchen as well, so if you are not a fan of brown, then gray is the perfect way to add some warmth. It also compliments other colors beautifully.

Step Up A Notch With A Bold Color

If you want to step it up a notch, then you can go for a bold granite color. Green and blue are your best choice for this one, because as bold as they sound, these colors still add that serene look to your kitchen. It will tie your kitchen together beautifully. Try not to go for colors that are too loud like purple and darker vibrant colors because they are mostly trendy colors and they will lose their appeal. Bold colors need to be picked out carefully.

There you have it! It isn’t very hard to match granite with white cabinets, all it needs is some imagination and creativity and you have yourself a beautiful and color complimenting kitchen. Also, take suggestions from granite contractors Potomac about which color would be the best for this purpose.