Due to the COVID situation, there’s a hype of Hybrid in the corporate world. But do you think it is going to last long? Surprisingly, a study showed that about 70% of the event organizers do not consider hybrid events for 2021. Now the question is, “why?” Isn’t Hybrid an interesting and unique experience? What do you think about it? Are you going to consider hybrid events moving forwards, which may save money on catering and corporate tent rentals?

To answer all of these questions, let’s see what a hybrid event is and the pros and cons of holding a hybrid event.

What Are Hybrid Events?

The event involves both virtual and physical attendees. It happens in the real world, but it also involves people from all over the globe virtually. And that doesn’t mean just live-streaming the event on social platforms or on virtual meetings apps.

Through a hybrid event, you need to connect with both of your audiences the same way. It helps people experience and learn virtually, just like the attendees in-person. And for that purpose, you need:

  • Good internet
  • Cameras
  • Mic
  • Staff
  • Most importantly, technical expertise

Pros Of Hybrid Events

It Boosts Attendance

About 40% of the attendees love to attend online events instead of in-person interaction. So, through hybrid events, you’re giving more people a chance to learn and attend your event. It is even better for their health following the current circumstances.

On the other hand, people who love to interact and learn in-person can attend the same event live at the same time. It gives an equal chance of learning and involvement to attendees from all over the globe and from different time zones. Isn’t that a great idea?

More Diverse Opinions

Following the benefit mentioned above, when you have delegates from all over the world, you’ll receive diversity in opinions. New and fresh ideas and better improvement in the older ones. You never know when you’ll receive a question about some changes in your event arrangements that’ll blow your mind as to why you never thought of it before?

Most of the time, money and time differences are the significant factors for not letting people attend your event. And to solve this issue, hybrid events are a considerable advantage. Your attendees won’t even have to pay for something, and they learn too. What do you get in return? More audience, more promotion, more potential customers, more sponsors, and more ideas. What else do you need?

Allowing Everyone To Learn Individually

For meetings, conferences, and trade shows, hybrid events are a better option. They’ll let you organize the event with ease, and there’s no worry about over-crowding amid the following situations.

Besides that, the process runs smoothly with a lesser number of people attending the event in-person. And as a result, it is a unique and better learning experience for everyone. Your virtual attendees also get the chance to switch between sessions. So, they get to learn whatever they wish to. It also keeps the venue safe and crowd-free.

Cons Of Hybrid Events

Internet Issues

Unexpected connectivity issues are the ones you can’t control. And it is the primary reason many of the event organizers and attendees don’t like hybrid events. It gives a sense of frustration to your virtual attendees, and then they never want to join the event again after the drop in connection.

Hybrid Events Are Costly

This point is of no argument that technology is expensive. Yes, organizing a live event in times of pandemic is risky and costly, too, as you have to pay more for space and SOP services. But hybrid events cost even more. You have to pay for the technical expertise, good Wi-Fi, and streaming websites along with other technical equipment.

Complex Process

Organizing a hybrid event means you owe to deliver a marvelous experience to both types of attendees. You just can’t focus on satisfying your virtual attendees while neglecting the in-person ones. Or else you will fail. And this is what many organizers experience.

Therefore, you can say that the process is complex, and only those will win who deliver it the right way with the help of a diligent team and event rentals Rockland NY. You need to develop two programs to attend both of your delegates. Or otherwise, who will bother to attend your event?