How To Choose The Right Granite Countertop Installer

There are some countertops that can be installed with almost minimum to zero experience, but when it comes to natural stone work like marble and granite countertops, hiring a skilled and experienced installer for the whole process may make all the difference.

It’s very easy to spot the wrong installation techniques and minute mistakes in natural stone work. This could mean uneven edges, large gaps, inadequate levelling techniques, and the list can go on.

On top of that, you may end up paying a lot more money in the name of upcharges, getting low grade stone work and paying up even more to get the original work fixed.

If you’re looking to hire a granite countertop installer, before narrowing down your options, do a quick read of our essential guide on how to choose the right countertop installer:

Think Hard and Fast About the Rates They Are Offering

Well we all know that granite and other natural stone work isn’t cheap or for the faint-hearted ones. If the contractor you’re dealing with right now is offering you a granite slab at an unbelievable price, well think again as they might be trying to rip you off with low quality commercial grade granite. Commercial grade granite has pitting and horrible blotching that destroys the look of this beautiful stone.  That’s why I would usually advise all home owners to personally look at the slab of stone they are buying to have a rough idea about the thickness and quality.

Inquire About the Credibility of The Company

As previously mentioned, finding a skilled fabricator for your granite countertop installation is perhaps the most important part of the whole process. So, you have found a company that you would like to proceed with further, but are they shy of sharing their physical location? Does the company have their own showroom where you can pick out your favorite stone works and get to know the cut?

Well, be aware if they aren’t sharing their physical location with you, they are perhaps just middle men keeping the main chunk of commission or perhaps using primitive techniques and substandard raw material to get the job done.

Research Research Research

It’s not ideal to merely seal the deal with the first granite installation company you happen to stumble upon. We advise all homeowners to get a bid from at least 3 different fabricators before you narrow down the option. I know it can be tempting to quickly get the job done, but we don’t want you to pay hefty charges in the name of installation fees, so stay on top of your research game.

Ask About Their Techniques and Equipment

When choosing a company, we always advise customers to keep the latest countertop trends in mind. Today the most reputable companies are using digital technology to cut stone slabs, minimizing the overall dust production and reducing man power in the process. Before selecting a company, make sure it follows the highest standards of quality to get the job done.

Keep the Insurance in Mind

It never hurts to ask the countertop contractor about chances of being insured. Working in the stone industry, I can tell from experience that accidents are bound to happen. Whether it’s an unfortunate incident with one of the installers, or a bigger accident that could potentially damage your property, always make sure that the company you are going for has a proper insurance coverage to tackle all these incidents.

Witness the Work First Hand

In some cases, merely pictures and physical affirmations are not enough. Things such as installing kitchen countertops need years of skills and experience. Always visit the showroom and question about how the seams and edges of the final product will come out to be. Question them and get your concerns ahead. Read online reviews and customer feedback about the whole installation process and the final product.

Concluding, if you want your granite kitchen countertop to be flawlessly installed, learn a bit about granite countertops and their installation process. Also, make sure to contact multiple installers so that you have something to compare to. Remember that the number of years a granite countertop installer Chantilly is in the business does matter, but also follow the above tricks to find the right natural stone countertop installer.

10 Low Maintenance Backyard Improvement Ideas

Local patio builders can provide you with some good ideas on low maintenance landscaping. However, we have listed some useful ideas that will assist you to a great deal in this regard.

Install a Large Patio

When it comes to some good low maintenance landscaping ideas, it is advised that you should have a large patio. However, it must be noted that the size of the patio is subject to the available space. If you do not have enough space, you should set the patio size accordingly. However, a patio will surely improve the landscape.

Create Multiple Outdoor Living Areas

Many of you may have enough space for adding or creating a number of living areas. In this regard, patio is one option. However, you can also create some solid ground for entertaining, gravel areas, artificial turf areas and garden areas. All these should look separate and will definitely create an amazing landscape on cheap.

Install Artificial Grass Lawn

If you are fond of grass but want to do it at a cheap price, artificial grass can be a decent idea in this regard. It is treated as the best option to improve the landscape without spending too much. Synthetic grass is cheap as well. Moreover, it gives a great look and the landscape looks overhauled.

Cover the Area with Gravel or Wood Chips

There are a number of options to cover areas of landscape. But if you are on budget, gravel, wood chips or bark can be a good idea. These materials not only cover the areas in an amazing way but also enhance the look and feeling. So you should also consider such other ideas which are cheap.

Pick the Right Stone for Landscaping

In addition to the above options, you have also to take into account the right rocks for landscaping. Bluestone is considered a great option but you must keep in mind the cost factor. Moreover, color selection is also important which will enhance the beauty of your landscape if chosen carefully. You will definitely love the stone option in landscape.

Invest in Mulch Beds

Grass is one of the most recommended ideas when it comes to landscape maintenance. However, apart from grass, mulch beds are also preferred because they create a better look. Mulch beds are also helpful to prevent weeds. Another factor that makes mulch beds so popular is that they are really cheap.

Use Crushed Stones in Beds

Many backyard experts advise that crushed stone can also be used instead of much beds. This should be carefully decided as the stone may be a bit expensive for some people, depending on where you live. However, this is a decent idea that can add value to your landscape beds. Moreover, stones do not need to be replaced ever.

Personalize Landscaping Stones

When you are deciding the stones for landscape, it should be personalized. Everyone has a different idea or taste. So, you can decide which kind of stones and colors will be more suitable for your landscape maintenance. If you are not able to decide about it, a little help from the landscape planners or builders can be helpful in this regard.

Make Use of Potted Plants

Potted plants are popular nowadays for various reasons. First, they are way cheaper than you can think. Second, they are versatile and create a stunning look. Third, it is easy to change the location or reposition the potted plants in your landscape area. These benefits will surely convince you to go with the potted plants when preparing for low maintenance landscaping.

Pick the Right Barbecue

Lastly, outdoor fireplace and barbecue are the most favorite for many people. It can also be attractive for you too. However, many things associated with the barbecue for landscape maintenance should be considered. The location is also important along with the design and size. You should seek help from experts in this regard if you are unable to decide.


Maintenance of landscape on cheap is not easy. A number of important things are However, we have made things easy and simple for you. By following these tips, you can do low maintenance of landscape. If confused, get help from masonry contractors Long Island for an attractive backyard.

How to find the best HVAC company?

Without a doubt, HVAC systems happen to be a big investment in your house. As a result of this, there is no doubt that you would want to do whatever it takes to keep these systems in great shape. All in all, your HVAC systems should be running properly and at full efficiency if you want to save some costs. Otherwise, your electricity costs will simply rise through the roof. For this, you must reach out to HVAC repair services as soon as you suspect that there is something wrong with your unit.

However, hiring the best HVAC repair companies is not easy. Since there are plenty of fake and unprofessional services out there, you need to be extra cautious. Literally anybody can set up a social media page and claim to be an expert HVAC company. However you must be capable of comparing, evaluating, and identifying the real ones from the fake ones.

Finding the best HVAC Company out there

So, in order to help you out, we have included a number of tips in this article that you can use. These tips will ensure that the HVAC Company you are hiring is top of the line. These include:

Use your resources first

First of all, use whatever you have to create a list of the companies that you may want to check. You can check their reputations on the internet, and first of all, try to avoid those companies who do not have a good record. In this regard, you may totally ignore those who have a rating of below 3. Never go to these companies. This is because chances are that these companies are not very reliable and professional. Hence, your HVAC unit may be at a big risk.

Check for professional standards

Companies who follow professional standards tend to be a lot more reliable as compared to those who are not professional. Being professional is a sign that the company cares about their business. As a result of this, they are likely to provide you a great service. Such companies usually care a lot about their customer satisfaction. This allows them to rise among their competitors, and be the best.

Essentially, a reliable company will have a shop facility or an office. Furthermore, they will not hesitate at all to let you visit them. In case they are hesitant, know that something might be very fishy there.

Furthermore, the HVAC company should also assess your house accurately. This is the sign of a professional company. They will give you an exact quote, and will not add in hidden costs. Such companies are highly transparent and are hence, very easily to deal with.

Find an HVAC company known for being honest

Sometimes, things do not go as planned. In cases like these, honesty is the key. So, make sure that the company that you are hiring is well-known for its honesty. Any professional company that you hire will be honest with you. In case any representative of the company does not deal you with honestly, know that this company is not professional at all. So you are better of avoiding that one.

Ending note

Finding an HVAC company that is genuine, professional, and reliable is a little tough. This is because there are a big number of unprofessional and unreliable service providers out there. So, it is extremely important for you to be able to distinguish the reliable AC repair services Smithtown from the others. In this regard, you may use any or all of the tips that we have mentioned above. This way, you will be able to get the service that you deserve.

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? What Are Its Causes And Treatments

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a physical disorder in which you always feel extremely tired. No matter how much you rest or sleep, the tiredness doesn’t seem to go away. As explained by sleep study centers, your body always feels low, you have no energy, and even after waking up, you feel as though you never relaxed. The more you work and stress out, you will feel the fatigue and tiredness kicking in, and the most irritating thing about it is that there is no apparent medical reason for your fatigue.

What To Do About It?

If you visit the doctor for your prolonged tiredness and fatigue, the doctor will be unable to rule out any possible medical problems that might be causing this extended fatigue, especially after looking at your history of good night sleep.

This can be a very tiresome and unbelievable situation, because you cannot get any sort of closure, regarding your fatigue. It is justified, that you feel tired if you are suffering from lack of sleep or overworking, then you can make some lifestyle modifications to reduce the fatigue. But if you are sleeping properly, but still not getting rid of the fatigue, then it might be possible that you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

What Are The Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

There are 3 main causes which can promote endless fatigue:


If you have had a viral infection in the past, and then you started to feel extra tired all the time, then it might be possible that the previous virus may have caused chronic fatigue syndrome. Viruses are the most common reason why people tend to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormones are another reason why you might be suffering from extreme fatigue. Chronic fatigue syndrome is more common in women than in men. The main reason why it happens in females, is because of hormonal imbalances. Hormones may sound insignificant, but they play a huge role in keeping your body and metabolism in good shape. Women having PCOS and other hormonal diseases, usually suffer from extreme fatigue and nothing helps to get rid of it. The main thing to do in this case to get your hormones checked and have the doctor prescribe medications, which will help you to eventually get rid of the fatigue.

Weak Immune Systems

A lot of people have naturally weak immune systems. Their bodies are more liable to fatigue. The main reason of having a weak immune system, is not keeping your body in check. To keep your body in check, make sure you are running routine tests, to find out what your body lacks. Once you know, then you can get prescribed medications to tackle the fatigue and tired feeling.

How Do I Know If I Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Symptoms are the most important thing for a diagnosis. The main symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are:

Extreme Fatigue

This is not just your normal tiredness. If you have been suffering from fatigue for a long time, up to 6 months or a year, then you might want to schedule an appointment with a physician or sleep doctor to get yourself checked. This is the main symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome.

You feel tired even after having plenty of rest. Chronic fatigue doesn’t go away with a good night’s rest. You will feel tired and out of energy, even if you are not overworking. This is not a good sign either. It is suggested that you check with a doctor immediately, before things get out of hand.

How To Get Treatment For It?

Thankfully, doctors know what causes chronic fatigue, so you might be delighted to hear that you can get rid of it. Here’s how:

Taking antiviral medications will help you a lot in combating extreme fatigue. Because fatigue is caused by viruses, and if you have a history of a viral infection in the past, then antiviral medications can be good for you.

Keep your immune system strong and your hormones in check. A healthy immune system will make you stronger and you will feel less fatigued and tired. There are many immune boosting supplements available, which can help in this regard a lot. However, it’s best to get advice from a sleep specialist Maryland or a general physician.

What To Consider Before Having Above Ground Swimming Pool

It is important to connect with professional pool contractors before buying above ground swimming pools as there are so many technicalities involved in it. You need to be aware of few things mentioned below to consider in advance so you can enjoy the pool parties comfortably in your home.

Check Your Desired Size and Shape of Pool

The first and foremost step is to get design ideas – what size and shape of swimming pool you wish to buy for your house. For that, you need to check how much space is available in your yard where you want to set the pool plus what shapes of pools can adjust there. For instance, you have to see if you have enough space to go for a large rectangular shaped pool with a deck or you can only go for a small circular pool without deck.

You have to be very careful if you want to have deck all around the pool or at one side only as it occupies a large space. And also, you need to keep some extra space as well so measure everything accordingly.

Installation Process

Swimming pool installation is quite complicated no matter if it is in-ground or above ground pool as both requires professional technicians for proper results. However, DIY installation is still possible in the case of above ground pools without deck, but make sure to read the guide book properly or take guidance from professionals.

For instance, you need to decide if you need a year round swimming pool or you will keep it off during the winter months. Because if you don’t want to use your pool during winter then you have to set up proper drainage, deflate it and store inside unless you want to use it again which is quite easier process for DIY projects. But if you go for a year round pool then you need to have information of winterizing your pool plus you won’t be able to install it yourself too.

Budgeting for Pool

It is important to know the initial one time cost of swimming pool as well as the maintenance cost that you will have to bear as long as you will keep it in your house. The initial cost varies as per the type of pool you are buying as the permanent pool is much costlier than the removable pool which you can install and uninstall as per your desires. But the maintenance cost is what you need to keep in your mind as this will stick to your monthly budget.

You will have to buy chemicals to keep water clean and free from bacteria while these chemicals are quite costly in price. Also, you might need some tools like pool water heaters and automatic chlorinator as well to maintain a clean and hygienic pool if you are planning to have frequent pool parties.

Check Ground Levels Before Installation

One more point which is very important and must be taken into consideration is the level of ground where you are planning to install the swimming pool.

For instance, if you want to keep the pool in your garden or backyard so it must have leveled ground for proper installation. If the ground is not leveled then chances are that pool won’t be installed properly and even if it does, it will be very annoying to have a relaxed and comfortable swimming experience. Another important factor of unleveled ground is that your swimming pool might get imbalanced due to more water in one side which can also affect the support system of the pool due to high pressures.

Safety Precautions

The most important factor for buying any swimming pool is to know all the basics of safety precautions from swimming pool builders Long Island. Especially if you have young kids or pets at home then make sure you have installed pool somewhere which is visible to your sights inside your house. Also, if you have added volleyball nets or slides for fun in your pool then make sure young kids do not use them in your absence which may lead to any accident. Along with this, make sure to have a proper filtration system with a pump to assure adequate circulation so the pool water stays hygienic for your family.

9 Foods That Are Considered The Best For Hair Growth

You must have heard the phrase gazillion times that you are what you eat, but do you actually follow the meaning of it. The food you eat makes up your body, skin and hair. The skin and hair needs many different proteins, hormones, minerals and vitamins to become healthy. Failure to do so may result in dull, dehydrated skin and frizzy, unhealthy and lifeless hair. If you consume the best foods for your hair then you could attain immense hair growth and healthy hair that even the top rated hair salons cannot even give you after spending tons on treatments.

Long and healthy hair is everyone’s dream and you can easily fulfill this dream by consuming foods that are best for hair growth. Your hair is made up of a protein known as Keratin. Eating a balanced and proportional protein rich diet will promote hair growth and health.


Eggs is a protein rich food that contains biotin. Biotin is a compound that is necessary for healthy hair growth as mostly the follicles of the hair are made up of biotin and protein. Eggs also contain zinc, healthy minerals, Vitamin-D, Vitamin-A, Vitamin B-12 and many other nutrients for hair. Lack of biotin is known to cause hair fall and unhealthy hair.


Nuts are a power packed foods which contribute to healthy hair growth. They are enriched in Vitamin A, essential minerals, B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for hair growth and a deficiency of fatty acids is known to cause poor hair health. Walnuts and Almonds are immensely high in omega 3 fatty acids.

Spinach and Leafy Green Vegetables

Iron is a compound necessary for hair growth. Iron in the body helps to transfer red blood cells throughout your body which causes blood circulation leading to growth and repair and aids in metabolism. Spinach is rich in iron, folate, Vitamin A and C, Magnesium and necessary B Vitamins. Other leafy green vegetables such as Kale and Green Beans are also rich in nutrients essential for hair growth. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia which in turn causes hair loss.


Seeds, such as Chia seeds and Flaxseeds are full of essential nutrients such as Vitamin E, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, B-Vitamins for healthy hair, omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants. In order to attain healthy hair growth, it is best to consume a mixture of seeds. Seeds can be consumed in anything as they are low in calories and can be added in salads, soups and even desserts.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is known to be linked with shiny, healthy and beautiful hair, which normally you get from keratin treatment. Fatty fish such as Herring, sardines, salmon and Mackerel is enriched in proteins, Vitamin A, E and D3, Zinc and Omega 3 Fatty acids, all of which promote and stimulate hair growth. Fish should be consumed at least twice a week.

Citrus Fruits

Iron is an essential component for hair growth and in order to absorb iron, your body requires Vitamin C. Vitamin C aids in iron absorption, therefore you need your daily dose of oranges or fruits that contain vitamin C for healthy hair growth. Vitamin C is also needed for the production of collagen which constructs the capillaries that join with the hair shaft and make them strong and ensuring that the nutrients reach the scalp.


Legumes include, lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas and a variety of pulses which are power packed with plant based proteins and other nutrients which are necessary for hair growth.


Meat is a staple diet of many people and rich in proteins, particularly red meat which is easy to digest. Meat in your daily diet promotes healthy hair growth and ensures you get all the nutrients which are necessary.


Yogurt is rich in Vitamin D and probiotics which aids in the absorption of nutrients in the body thus promoting hair growth.

Your age and inheritance also play a major role on your hair health. Apart from that, if you go for frequent chemical treatments from hair straightening salons Rockville, then your hair shaft can become weak and your hair can become damaged overtime. It is necessary to have a healthy diet which contains proteins and nutrients for healthy hair growth.

7 Common Spine Problems Everybody Should Be Aware Of

Many orthopedic surgeons claim that although pain from spine problems is very extreme but mostly people ignore it to the unbearable level until they feel the need of doctor. So, let’s highlight a few common spine problems where you should not wait to see your doctor.


This condition may cause severe pain from lower back to your bottom which travels all the way through your legs and sometimes it may reach to your feet as well. Generally, only one leg and foot are affected but the pain levels are not normal. The pain caused is because of irritation in sciatic nerve due to a herniated disk or any other spine issue putting pressure on this nerve.

Treatment: Physical therapy, exercises like stretching, hot or cold packs or anti-inflammatory medication may help. However, severe cases might need surgical intervention.

Slipped Disk

There are disks which sit between each of our vertebrae to prevent collision with each other but these disks get slipped when a person has gone through some injuries or has fallen down with sudden jerks or high pressure. Other common reasons of herniated disk include ageing or involvement in some repetitive motions for a longer period of time. However, the pain remains the same which is quite severe and requires proper treatment.

Treatment: Exercise and medication in early stages while operation is advised in severe conditions.

Cervical Pain

This is a very common spine issue causing severe pain in neck and shoulder area among many people and especially the young generation in their mid-20s. There is a possibility of disk slippage in that area or sprouting an extra bone called spurs on vertebrae which help in boosting the strength. Usually the ligaments get very stiff which connects the vertebrae resulting in severe pain even when you move your neck. Also, this condition may become very serious if not cured timely resulting in permanent damage as well.

Treatment: Exercising, rehabilitation and physical therapies are very helpful while surgical interventions are required in severe cases.


There are some slippery tissues which are affected in this condition which helps in keeping our backs flexible without any friction. When these slippery tissues become rough, they stop functioning properly and friction is produced when vertebrae start rubbing against each other. This result in severe back pain with stiffness in back and women are more prone to this condition especially in their post-menopausal phase. The worst part of this condition is that it cannot be cured completely but only managed to control it from increasing further.

Treatment: Exercising, therapies and painkillers may help relieve your pain.


This condition de-shapes your spine when it is moved from its original position to either side of your body. It is very common among children who are near puberty – during growth spurt, the spine bends sideways. The prominent symptoms may include uneven shoulders or one shoulder may be sticking out more than the other one. The main cause is still unknown; however, commonly it is occurred as a result of a spinal injury, arthritis or other spinal issues. This condition requires immediate treatment as it may cause disabling if ignored for a longer period of time.

Treatment: Bracing and physical therapies are used in initial stages while surgical interventions where rods and screws are used to correct the curvature are considered as more successful treatments.


This condition is known as bending of spine in forward direction where your head is shown as a separate entity from your body. It is very common in women above 50 but children are also reported with this condition in some cases. In severe cases, this condition may also de-shape your body completely along with excessive pain in neck and back.

Treatment: Exercising and therapies may help while surgery is recommended in severe cases.

Spinal Stenosis

This condition narrows your spinal canal for which spine and back doctors McLean recommend treating it immediately as it may result in other spinal disorders if ignored for a longer period of time. It generally occurs in people above 60 and progresses quite slowly with slight pain in back and legs.

Treatment: Exercising and therapies may help while surgery is recommended to make room for nerves in severe conditions.

Latest styles and trends in kitchen countertops

Every year, the styles and trends of kitchen countertops take a shift. While 5 years ago natural looking countertops were in fashion, today, people like to go for more natural materials. This is because natural materials reduce the environmental impact that the production of man-made materials and excavation causes. Still, silestone countertops seem quite popular. However, wood has gained a significant level of fan following in the last 5 years. 

Trends and styles in kitchen countertops 

In this article, we put together a number of kitchen top surfaces and compare them with each other to see how they stand, based on current styles and trends. 

Granite tops

In a way, granite countertops are considered to be timeless! They are timeless in the sense that they never grow old. Rather, they have been around from decades. Today, granite tops are available in various different grades. Usually, the level of grade varies in between 1 and 5 depending on where you are getting it from. Furthermore, they also come in all types of colors, thicknesses and patterns. Based on what you are choosing, a slab of granite will cost $25 on average and will up to $1000 per square foot. 

Usually, the one single factor that can drive the cost of granite is the thickness. In case you are getting a countertop on a budget, consider getting a three-quarters inch thick slab rather than going for one that is more than an inch. 

Engineered stone tops 

Engineered stone tops are basically Quartz tops, that contain 93% Quartz particles. These come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, far more than granite. Due to this reason, they are high in demand, especially in modern kitchens. 

The prices of engineered stone tops are sometimes higher than granite. However, in general, they are quite similar. At the same time, it has certain advantages over granite countertops. For instance, they have a non-porous surface, due to which it resists stains and scratches. Moreover, they also usually come with a warranty. 

This is the prime reason why they have grown so popular among home-owners. Hence, their demand is growing constantly. 

Laminate countertops 

Laminate is also referred to as Formica, which is its brand name. This material is coated with plastic, and has great resemblance to granite. It comes in a range of different colors. This is why they are getting really popular among budget buyers. 

Those who cannot really afford granite countertops, but still want to enjoy the same look often buy Formica countertops. After all, they reflect the same texture to the eye (even though it feels different to touch). Though, unlike granite tops, these will not really increase the value of your house. 

Ceramic tiles 

Ceramic is the one material that you can lay on the wall, floor, and even on the countertops. In fact, it is one of the cheapest options that you have. Furthermore, they also come in a wide variety of colors and textures, which makes a kitchen look very modern.

However, do remember that ceramics are susceptible to forming cracks over time. Another possible downside of ceramic tiles is that they often need grouting.

Ending note 

All of the above mentioned countertops are currently in fashion, and are in huge demand. Among these, though, granite countertops NC never really lose the spot. This is because granite is considered to be an elite material in the world of countertops, just how diamond is considered luxurious in the world of jewellery. Nevertheless, if your budget does not allow, there is no harm in going for an alternate material. For as long as the color and texture matches with the vibe of your kitchen, you are good to go. 


How To Manage Google Reviews

Google is not only a search engine, but it also provides you with business solutions by acting as a review management platform. Once you have set up a business, you will need to manage the Google reviews and here is how you can do it;

Simplify the Whole Reviewing Process

The more simplified your process is, the more likely a customer is going to leave a review. Customers don’t like to go through a lot of steps and pages to write a review, in fact, they will be frustrated and will opt to not giving a review at all. A small widget by Google will be enough to prompt the customers to leave a review before they leave your site. Being simplified in your review game makes your Google review management a lot easier.

Send an Email Asking For a Review

If a customer buys a product from your website but doesn’t leave a feedback or a review then you might ask them kindly for the feedback. You can easily manage the reviews of customers from a review management platform which means the tracking of the customers who didn’t leave a review after the purchase.

It is quite normal and nothing to be worried about as many people tend to use the product and take their time in giving feedback. You can always remind them of giving a review by reaching out to them via email so that they can be reminded and give a review on Google.

Assess the Feedback

Before going public with the reply on the feedback, you must assess the feedback on your own and see if it’s actually genuine or inappropriate. Online reputation is a very delicate matter and that reputation can be destroyed within seconds if you reply negatively to a review that is already negative. Internally solve or assess the issue before going out to the public. Not only this will assess your problems but if the feedback is actually genuine, you will be able to pinpoint a flaw and try to fix it in steps of providing flawless services.

Flagging Reviews

Once you have assessed and looked into the matter of feedback, you can flag a review as good or bad. Google gives you the option of flagging a review as helpful or not helpful but as an owner, you can control what is highlighted on your feedback menu. Flagging positive reviews as helpful will make them appear on top of your feedback page which attracts new customers.

Since there are positive reviews there will be negative ones; ones that are fraudulent, inappropriate, out of context or even abusive. You don’t have full control of what to do with these comments, but you can flag/report them so that Google can take steps so that it can be deleted. A small flag icon is shown which can flag the review as inappropriate which will link you to a new tab where you can state the reason for objection. If the objection is right then after Google’s assessment, the review will be removed.

Replying To a Negative Review

Replying to a positive review is as easy as something as simple as a thank you can is sufficient, but the real challenge lies when replying to a negative review. Managing your reviews is important and replying to them is just a part of it. If the problem seems genuine after assessing it internally, you must try to listen to the customer and apologizing at first even if the fault isn’t yours. Apologizing will cool the customer down and addressing them with their name is a cherry on top. Try to resolve their problem to the best of your abilities.

Chances are they will be solved by a simple walk-through however you must try to understand the issue they are having whether in using the product or something else. You can even reward these customers for their inconvenience by offering them to sign up on a test product you are launching. You can offer this to overly positive customer reviewers too.

Google has a very good business tool and with Google review management, you can easily manage and monitor your product reviews.

The procedure of getting a divorce

If you are not happy with your marriage and thing do not work out, you can always go for a divorce. Best divorce lawyers can get you rid off your abusive marriage in absolutely no time and you can have the peace of your mind back! Here are few tips on how you can file for getting divorce.

Procedure to file for divorce

The procedure of filing a divorce may sound complicated to many people. As a result of this, we have written this article to guide you into it.

You must know where exactly to file

If you are state resident, you can file for divorce in that state. It does not matter where the marriage took place. To be a resident of a state, you must have lived in the state for a certain period of time, which can range from 90 days to 1 year. There can also be local residency requirements based on your country, which may vary from state to state.

Gather all relevant documents

Finding prosecutor to help you with filing for divorce is essential. Before you consult with a divorce lawyer you must gather all the documents that are going to be required in your divorce proceedings, here is the list of those documents:

  • Wedding certificate
  • Child birth certificates
  • Property deeds and titles
  • Receipt from joint purchases
  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Other records of finances of joint assets
  • Document that would prove reason for divorce, for example a proof of abusive relationship with spouse or committed adultery.

Reach separation agreement

Some states require you and your spouse to come to a preliminary agreement on child custody, child support or how you are going to split your property before you file divorce, this agreement can be for certain period of time between you and your spouse before you file for divorce.

File divorce petition

Filing divorce petition is the first step of paperwork. Petitioner will file against your spouse, fee for filing petition is around $300, but it can vary. Petition begins process of getting divorce. When you file petition, court asks respondent to respond and that is how it officially begins.

What to include in petition?

Divorce laws vary from state to state. Most of the states requires grounds for divorce which includes unfair treatment, abandonment, adultery, domestic abuse or it can be separation for a period of time. Furthermore, you may have to include what exactly do you want out of divorce such as child support, financial support.

Request temporary orders

Through temporary order, you can ask your spouse to pay for child support or spousal support or you can order your spouse to pay bills while your divorce is pending. If you are concerned about your safety, you can also get temporary restraining order against your spouse. These orders last until the divorce is finalized. If you want these orders to be continued after your divorce these details must be included in final divorce verdict.

Finalize and sign your divorce petition

After you have read and filled the form, read them again carefully to make sure the information you have entered is correct. If you have typed the form do check the typos. Make sure it has no false information in it because it will create a mess in future during your divorce proceedings.

Serve papers to your spouse

Process begins when you send papers to notify your spouse that you are seeking divorce against them. Filing fee is usually around $50, but it varies from state to state. Most states require you to serve the papers in person but sometimes court allows you to serve papers by mail or publication but keep in mind that it happens under very specific circumstances.

Ending note

These steps may sound complicated in the beginning and you might feel blank but once it starts it will go smooth, all you have to do is to go for top rated divorce lawyers Alexandria VA in town and rest your case in their hands