How To Manage Google Reviews

Google is not only a search engine, but it also provides you with business solutions by acting as a review management platform. Once you have set up a business, you will need to manage the Google reviews and here is how you can do it;

Simplify the Whole Reviewing Process

The more simplified your process is, the more likely a customer is going to leave a review. Customers don’t like to go through a lot of steps and pages to write a review, in fact, they will be frustrated and will opt to not giving a review at all. A small widget by Google will be enough to prompt the customers to leave a review before they leave your site. Being simplified in your review game makes your Google review management a lot easier.

Send an Email Asking For a Review

If a customer buys a product from your website but doesn’t leave a feedback or a review then you might ask them kindly for the feedback. You can easily manage the reviews of customers from a review management platform which means the tracking of the customers who didn’t leave a review after the purchase.

It is quite normal and nothing to be worried about as many people tend to use the product and take their time in giving feedback. You can always remind them of giving a review by reaching out to them via email so that they can be reminded and give a review on Google.

Assess the Feedback

Before going public with the reply on the feedback, you must assess the feedback on your own and see if it’s actually genuine or inappropriate. Online reputation is a very delicate matter and that reputation can be destroyed within seconds if you reply negatively to a review that is already negative. Internally solve or assess the issue before going out to the public. Not only this will assess your problems but if the feedback is actually genuine, you will be able to pinpoint a flaw and try to fix it in steps of providing flawless services.

Flagging Reviews

Once you have assessed and looked into the matter of feedback, you can flag a review as good or bad. Google gives you the option of flagging a review as helpful or not helpful but as an owner, you can control what is highlighted on your feedback menu. Flagging positive reviews as helpful will make them appear on top of your feedback page which attracts new customers.

Since there are positive reviews there will be negative ones; ones that are fraudulent, inappropriate, out of context or even abusive. You don’t have full control of what to do with these comments, but you can flag/report them so that Google can take steps so that it can be deleted. A small flag icon is shown which can flag the review as inappropriate which will link you to a new tab where you can state the reason for objection. If the objection is right then after Google’s assessment, the review will be removed.

Replying To a Negative Review

Replying to a positive review is as easy as something as simple as a thank you can is sufficient, but the real challenge lies when replying to a negative review. Managing your reviews is important and replying to them is just a part of it. If the problem seems genuine after assessing it internally, you must try to listen to the customer and apologizing at first even if the fault isn’t yours. Apologizing will cool the customer down and addressing them with their name is a cherry on top. Try to resolve their problem to the best of your abilities.

Chances are they will be solved by a simple walk-through however you must try to understand the issue they are having whether in using the product or something else. You can even reward these customers for their inconvenience by offering them to sign up on a test product you are launching. You can offer this to overly positive customer reviewers too.

Google has a very good business tool and with Google review management, you can easily manage and monitor your product reviews.

Online Review Generation System And Other Ways Of Getting Online Reviews

If you sell online, you know that reviews are of paramount importance. In addition to using an online review generation system, there are plenty of many other ways in which you can get as many online reviews as possible. Some of these ways include:

Setting up profiles on multiple review sites

There is no way that people are going to leave you a review if you don’t have profiles in the sites that are relevant to your business. The first thing you should do is to do your research and find out the sites where your potential customers hang out.

The most common ones are: Yelp, Google Local, TripAdvisor, CitySearch, Angie’s List, and many others. You should create professional profiles that reflect your brand.

Ask your customers

Most of the average customers aren’t going to bother leaving a review, unless they are looking to leave a negative one. As long as you are providing a good service or product, you shouldn’t shy away from asking the customers to leave a review.

The best time to ask them is as soon as they have come into contact with your service or product. For example, when the diners visit your restaurant, you can send them a message on their phone asking them to review the restaurant. As mentioned above, most of them won’t have a problem with it, as long as you are providing a great service.

When you are asking the customers to leave a review, you should make it easy for them to leave one. You can do this by always including a link to the review site where you would want a review. This calls for you to include a link in the email and messages that you send to the customers.

Offer incentives

Most people are likely to do something when they know they are going to benefit from it. You should take advantage of this by giving rewards to the people that leave you a review. For example, Zappos hands out points or credit to the people that give a review.

There is no harm in doing that, especially at the start.

You should note that you should offer incentives for the reviews—you shouldn’t buy the reviews. You want authentic customer reviews from people that have used the product or service.

One of the tricks you can use is to offer points in your customer loyalty program. Also, consider having entries in a monthly or quarterly draw.

Follow up with them

While many customers won’t have a problem with writing a review when you ask them, there are a few that won’t do it due to time constraints. Others might forget about it. For you to ensure that you get as many reviews as possible, you should remind them that they are yet to make their voice heard.

All you need to do is to write a short message or email asking them to remember leaving a review. Studies show that over 50% of people are more likely to give a review when you remind them.

Make use of software programs

Many business owners avoid asking for reviews as they don’t have time to monitor them. You no longer have to worry about it as there are plenty of software tools in the market that can help you with that.

The tools help you with customer interaction and online review management. The tools notify the customers about their need to leave a review. They also provide an easy to use platform where the customers can leave reviews on all the platforms in one go.

This saves the customers time as they only need to write one review and it’s posted on multiple sites. This also provides you with many reviews on the many sites, which means increased reputation and more business on your side.

While there are many review management software programs, no two of them are the same. For you to have an easy time interacting with the programs, ensure that they are easy to use. The last thing you want are systems that are going to make your life difficult. Running a business is hard enough, isn’t it?

The system should also be easy to use on the side of the customer. The customer should be able to leave a review without any complication.