If you are one of those people who have strong feelings about keeping their home plumbing in tip-top condition life long, then look no further because we shall provide you with a comprehensive guide to those things that might cause a serious threat to your drains and pipes as explained by drain and sewer cleaning companies.

Vegetable Peels

Cutting vegetables is one messy chore, and cleaning up afterward is another one of those daunting tasks that we all dread.

Modern homemakers have thought of a smart solution to this problem by installing garbage disposal within the sinks; you cut your veggies and flush the scraps in the same sink.

But in reality, it’s more of a menace if it gets clogged than a benefit for homeowners.

The starch from most vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, etc gets stuck to the garbage disposal that is accumulated on the insides of your drainpipe and transforms into one huge mess over time.

On the other hand, it’s sensible to collect your vegetable scraps and dump them outside in your compost heap which will provide you with a suitable fertilizer that can be used in your garden.


Hosting a grand dinner is not that difficult but the most tiresome job is to clean the dishes afterward.

Though the invention of the dishwasher has made this job pretty easy, what to do to all the grease that sits on the pots and pans?

Did we hear you say, wash it down the drain?

While most apartments allow tenants to flush the grease down their drains, we warn you not to. The reason being that the grease sticks to the walls of the plumbing lines, creating a huge blob of fat that is going to be a nuisance for you as well as the city lines.

Hose Replacement

The hoses for your dishwasher and washing machine are concealed. You won’t know about their problems unless you keep a maintenance check, they have an expiry date for them too. They require a replacement every 5 years. The damage isn’t going to be evident unless there is a huge burst in your laundry room. It is advisable to keep a record of your plumbing lines.

Hair Sheds

Most people have a habit of shaving in their bathroom sinks or the shower tub. They consider it harmless, but this habit isn’t as harmless as it seems. Your tiny body hair can cause a blockage by depositing themselves on the soap fats under your drains.

The most practical solution for this issue is to use drain guards. They will collect all the hair shedding from your body and you can clean them easily.

Disposing Of Garbage In Toilet Bowls

Your toilet bowl is not a disposal ground for all your wastes. Toilet paper can dissolve in the water but the rest of the things that you flush down can also cause a clogged toilet. Even though sanitary napkins, wet wipes, baby diapers are all labeled disposable, you need to understand that they aren’t to be disposed of in the toilet bowl.

Cleaning Liquids

The easiest option to clear a choked drain is to pour a handsome quantity of liquid drain cleaner. Even if that is an easy solution for immediate results, you shouldn’t be frequent with them. Just once in a blue moon, or once in a couple of years to be precise.

Frequent usage can cause irreparable damage to your drain pipes, due to the abnormally high amount of acids present, which will lead to early corrosion.

Body Oils

In winters we all want our skin to remain hydrated. Many people have the habit of slathering their bodies with oils since they find them very moisturizing. If you also follow suit, no worries, but be careful if you do that in your shower. The reason being that some oils like coconut oil are in a solid-state and only liquefy when you rub it between your palms. The residue oil from your hands will fall, return to its solid-state, and stick to your drain pipes.

So, guys, these were just a few things that you should avoid to keep your drain unclogged for a long time. However, if you have an urgency, hire a drain contractor Bergen for cleaning the clog.