When it comes to wedding parties, there are a big number of planning decisions that you will have to take. Among these, choosing the right party rentals is one of the most critical decisions. Apart from this, the wedding venue, the catering service, the number of guests, and the theme of the wedding are also extremely important.

However, one of the most lesser known yet highly important planning decision is that of choosing the right date. In case you are about to plan your wedding, chances are that you would have thought “when should I have the wedding party” as the very first thing. However, when it comes to picking a date up, most people do not know the subtle effects of it.

What to consider before choosing a date for your wedding?

In this article, we put together a number of factors that you should consider before choosing a date for your wedding. By going through this list, you will ultimately be able to choose the right date. These factors include:

The weather

In general, October, September, and June are highly popular months to get married. There really is no surprise why most people prefer to get married in these months. This is primarily because during these months, the weather is really beautiful. By this time, summer ends and fall is about to begin. So, the weather is usually neither too hot and neither too cold.

Hence, it is the perfect time to get married. Though, people often choose to get married in unreasonably strange weather conditions. One reason for this could be the cheaper rates of venues during off-months.

Consider the factors of off-season dates

In case you choose to marry in cold January or hot March, you may be able to cut your venue costs down. However, you will then have to make other sacrifices. For instance, it will be hard for you to find a peonies bouquet in an off-season within your budget. And usually, off-season flowers also happen to be far more expensive.

Similarly, this concept may also apply to Saturday vs Friday weddings. For instance, wedding venues may offer breaks on a minimum on Fridays. However, chances are that other vendors may not. So, there are a number of pros and cons associated with off-season weddings.

We suggest you to take a look at them all and put much consideration into it. This way, you will be able to make a much more informed decision. Nevertheless, do think twice before getting married. Do not end up like those couples who get a divorce within a year.

Marrying on major holiday? Thing again

If you are planning to get married on a major holiday because everybody will be available, you may be in for big unpleasant surprises. While there is nothing more pleasing than getting married on a Christmas day, pulling off such a wedding party will be far more difficult. In case anything goes wrong, you will not be able to correct it because of a lack of availability of resources on such days.

Though, there is no doubt that such holidays can be super fun if you are marrying on the same day. After all, who would not want a Christmas themed wedding party? Still, it will be hard to pull off and this is the prime reason why most people do not go for that.

Ending note

Most people do not really realize this, but choosing the right date for your wedding is critically important for a successful event. So, make sure that you have considered all the factors first, before choosing a date. After all, it is not as simple as it sounds. Also, make sure that the wedding rental packages Northern VA that you want are available on the date of your wedding.