Are you looking to lift heavy loads? While the process is usually straightforward, many people tend to make a lot of mistakes that put them at the risk of injury. Here are some of the most common rigging mistakes and how to avoid them as given by crane rigging services providers:

Doing rigging without the necessary training

When is the last time you did rigging? Have you worked with the crane and rigging equipment before? If you haven’t, you will be putting yourself in great danger when you try doing the lifting.

For you to be on the safe side you should take your time and invest in training. It’s rare that you will be doing the rigging work by yourself—you need people to help you out. Before you begin the process, you should take your time and invest in training.

Most of the companies providing the rigging machines and tools will be ready to provide you with the training, sometimes even for free. If you don’t have time to sit in a training class, you should consider hiring people who are already conversant with the rigging procedures.

You can find these people in the companies that provide the machines. The cool thing with hiring people from these companies is that you don’t need to worry about them being unqualified. Since the companies have already vetted them, your only task will be to show them what to do and the work will be done expertly.

Failure to use the right slings and hardware

This is usually common with people doing it for the first time. In most cases, the people will rent slings that are too delicate for the loads they are looking to lift. The end result—the load coming down and injuring the riggers.

When you are looking to rent slings and other related equipment, you should note that different slings are ideal for different rigging needs. There are slings that carry just a little bit of weight and others that carry a lot of weight.

You also should know that specific slings work together with specific hardware. For you to be safe and protect the people working on the site, take your time and find the right slings for your project.

If you aren’t sure of the right ones to go for, ask the experts working in the rental companies to help you out.

Failing to properly handle the rigging equipment

Some people will rent the right equipment, but fail to handle them properly. This is synonymous with having a Rolls Royce or any other prestigious car but fail to operate it the way it’s meant to be.

When you don’t take good care of the equipment you put them at the risk of coming apart when you are doing the lifting. Failing to handle the units properly also increases your chances of being asked by the rental company to replace the equipment.

For example, when the rigging services providers supply you with slings then you destroy them after just a short while, you have no way out, other than to replace them—from your pocket. As you might have guessed, this spikes your rigging costs.

Failing to pay close attention to the load weights

Did you know the weight of the load you are looking to lift has a great impact on the type of rigging equipment you go for? Many people doing rigging for the first time don’t know this. The load weight of the equipment will determine the type of crane you rent, the rigging materials you go for, among many other things.

In the event you rent a crane that is too weak to lift the load, the crane is not only at the risk of tipping over, it also can injure the people around. To avoid this, pay close attention to the load weight. If the load is too heavy, go for a powerful machine, and vice versa.

Failing to operate the machine properly

Some people will rent the right crane from the crane services MD providers, but fail to operate it properly. Improper operation of the crane not only puts the crane at the risk of getting damaged, it also puts the people working at the site at risk.

Do you want to protect the machine and the riggers? Hire an experienced and certified crane operator from a reputable crane company.