It is good to have one or two trees in your back or front yard. Not only do they improve the aesthetic appeal of your house but also offer shade when the sun is blazing outside. However, when a tree is dead, it could cause a lot of problems. So, should you consult arborist services to cut down the tree? Let’s discuss!

It Attracts Pests

The first reason for cutting down a dead tree is that it can attract pests. Carpenter ants, termites, and other wood-eating insects are constantly in the search of dead trees to attack and will take accommodation in it for a while. While the pests feed on the dead tree, they will multiply in number and begin affecting other plants and trees within the vicinity as well.

Furthermore, animals may also feel welcome to make a nest in it. For instance, rats and birds will sooner or later find out that a particular tree in your garden is dead and will take over it.

It Could Fall

Perhaps the most important reason why you should cut down a dead tree is simply that it could fall. If you notice that the tree is losing leaves and branches, it means the tree is almost dead and it could fall over at any time. Although you cannot determine the exact time of falling, certain external factors such as thunderstorms can also influence the process.

And if the tree happens to be big, it could damage not only your property but your neighbor’s property as well, including several valuable pieces of equipment. On top of that, it could also be that it falls on someone while they are taking a walk or playing in the yard. Sometimes, the situation could be as worse as the victim dying.

It Will Cost Less To Remove It Now

As mentioned earlier, if a tree is dead, its structural integrity can be affected. As a result, a sudden thrust of wind can easily make it fall. If not, the heavy branches could fall as well or come in contact with the neighbor’s house or the vehicles parked underneath. On the other hand, the sooner you remove the tree, the less it will cost.

If you wait until the time when the tree is standing in a complicated position, the arborists will charge slightly more. The reason is not only will the risk increase but they will also have to ensure there is no damage done to your neighbor.

It Could Impact Other Trees

Trees can die due to several reasons at the same time. Keep in mind that it is not only pests that can cause death but also tree diseases. And diseases vary based on the tree species. So, if your tree died due to a particular disease, it could be that it is passed on to the other trees.

There have been many cases in the past where homeowners failed to address the disease and it eventually destroyed their entire natural landscape.

The best way to determine if a disease killed your tree is to spot unusual physical signs. Fungus or other factors could lead you to the exact disease.

Should I Hire An Expert?

If you are dealing with a tree that is huge and has its branches covering or at least reaching your neighbor’s property, then you should better consult an expert. No matter how experienced you are in this regard, you should not take the risk.

However, what you can do is trim the excessively large branches of the tree so that it is easier for the expert to bring it down when the time comes. Large and sharp branches can be dangerous as the tree is falling down.

At the same time, the arborist will first inspect the tree and analyze the risk associated. You may have to inform your neighbor when the tree is about to be brought down so that they can make preparations beforehand.

Final Word

In the end, if you have a dead tree in your backyard or front yard, you have every reason to remove it. If it is small enough that you won’t be needing a ladder to bring it down, then you can try removing it on your own. But if it is relatively big, you should contact tree removal companies Potomac.