Concrete is a durable patio material. It’s preferred by homeowners who want a low-maintenance and durable yet affordable patio. However, the dull appearance of a concrete patio is a problem for many. However, there is an easy solution. Ask your patio contractor to use stamped concrete for building your patio.

Stamped concrete offers the same strength as conventional concrete, but you can use dyes to create patterns on concrete and color the surface to look like any material you want like flagstone, fieldstone, slate, brick, cobblestone, and wood. You should consider the below things before installing a stamped concrete patio.

The Size Of The Stamp

The size of the stamp will act as one block of concrete after the stamping. Keep in mind that concrete is whole and there are no blocks, but as stamping can make the concrete look like it is made of different blocks, bricks, or stones, the size of the stamp should be taken into consideration.

Usually, the stamp’s size depends on the area you want to cover. If you’re planning a large patio, your stamp size should be 4 inches in diameter. This will ensure that the stamp is large enough to give the patio the depth and texture it requires.

Your patio expert can take the dimensions of the area where you want to build a stamped concrete patio and advice you on the best stamp size.

Choosing A Pattern

For choosing the pattern of your stamped concrete patio, you should the design of your house and your preferences. If you want a safe pattern that works for most homes, use a brick pattern.

After dyeing, it will look like a brick patio, but it won’t have the disadvantages of a paver patio such as cracks or chips. You can go with common stone designs like flagstone.

The patterns and designs for stamped concrete as limitless. Take inspiration from other patios and place you like and make your patio look like that or go for contemporary styles suggested by your patio expert.

But make sure that the patio design blends seamlessly with your house and surroundings and doesn’t look awkward.

Moreover, if you have other areas near the patio that are made of concrete, you can use stamped overlays to give them the same look as the patio. Plus, use patterns that add texture to the surface so that the patio becomes slip-resistant.

Stamped Concrete Colors

The dyeing process can use any color you want. But the color should look natural and appealing. Therefore, shades of gray and different earth tones are mostly used because they give an authentic look to the surface.

For brick patterns, red or similar hues are used. Moreover, you can use multiple colors to add depth to the design. Make sure that the colors you’re using tie well with the backyard.

Cost Of Stamped Concrete Patio

The cost of a stamped concrete patio is on the higher end if you compare it with a regular concrete patio. However, it costs much less than other materials that it can resemble easily like bricks, stones, and tiles. Additionally, stamped concrete is low maintenance and lasts longer than many materials that are costlier than stamped concrete. It’s suggested for building a patio on a low budget.

For example, bricks and stones need maintenance like removing weeds and filling the gaps with sand or another material. And in spite of high maintenance, their lifespan is shorter than concrete.

DIY Or Professional Installation

Installation of a stamped concrete patio is done by pouring concrete and later using stamps to imprint patterns on it. The process requires expertise because there is only one chance to get it right and if you don’t, you would have to begin the process again. This will waste your time, money, and material if you do it yourself especially if don’t have experience stamping concrete.

Therefore, paying a contractor to perform the whole process can cost you less because they will use the correct amount of materials and finish the project as scheduled.


Stamped concrete offers a durable, low-maintenance, and appealing patio option. Consider the important aspects like the size of the stamps, patterns, colors, and cost before hiring a patio builder Long Island for the installation of a stamped concrete patio.