Are you wondering what the dangers of not trimming your trees could be? Well, you might be surprised to know that if you do not cut your trees on time, you might be putting yourself and others around you in great risk. Hence you must get help from tree removal services whenever necessary rather than delaying it.

Risks of not cutting trees

In this article we put together a number of dangers that you might have to face if you do not trim your trees on time. Take these dangers very seriously, because they are very real and exist. So, you would certainly want to put your time into reading them all.

These include:

Body harm

If you do not regularly prune or trim your tree, the posture of your tree will become weaker. On the other hand, regular pruning and trimming improve the structure of your tree. So, make sure that you are pruning regularly to make sure that the roots of your tree are strong enough.

Along with that, proper trimming also keeps the tree from bending in the way of your sidewalk or driveway. There will also be lesser chance of them coming in contact with the eyes and the skin.

Property dangers

If your tree is not removed or trimmed, then the weak structure means that it may end up leaning on one side. Eventually, as the support continues to become weaker, the tree can easily fall on your property, resulting in significant damage.

If the tree ends up falling on a person, if could also result in the loss of life. And this is a big risk. Along with that, if the tree falls in the neighbors yard and does damage to their property, you could face a hefty lawsuit. Just imagine the horror that you will have to face in either of these cases. These are all real risks that are associated with not cutting trees on time.

So, what is stopping you?


Sometimes, trees end up developing nasty tree diseases. If you do not do something about such trees, then the diseases can easily spread through your yard and other plants can end up catching them. That is something that you would definitely not want.

So, make sure that you are dealing with the diseased trees on time and appropriately. In all likelihood, you may have to get such a tree fully removed. That is the only way. On the other hand, an arborist might also be able to suggest you some alternatives.

A bad look

While this may not be a big danger, a tree that is not properly pruned and trimmed ruins the look of your entire yard. So, if you plan on selling your house in the future, the bad looks of the tree will make your yard look bad. To avoid this problem, you must regularly get your tree pruned and trimmed so that it looks beautiful and adds some life to your yard. After all, it is about keeping your property in the best shape possible.


Now that you know about all the risks and dangers associated with not trimming your trees on time, what is stopping you? We suggest you avoid wasting more time and begin taking steps to sort out this out.

The sooner you do something about your tree, the lesser the risks will be. Otherwise, you would not want to face any of the horrors that are associated with the risks mentioned above. Reach out to suitable tree services Chevy Chase today and get the trees in your garden taken care of today! This is the best thing that you can do.