There are lots of different things you will have to consider when you are operating heavy equipment. One of the biggest things you will have to consider as a crane rigging company is to determine what type of rigging equipment you should be using. You can use various different types of rigging equipment depending on your company’s personal needs, and on the type of job you are doing. Since every rigging job can be different from the other one, you need to have lots of experience and knowledge of this field in order to choose the right type of rigging equipment.

Here are some of the most important rigging equipment that almost every rigging company needs to complete its regular projects.


Heavy rigging hooks need to be used when you have to pick up heavy equipment. These are usually heavy hooks optimized to avoid the danger of sleeping, and are made out of solid steel. You can buy large and small hooks depending on the type of weight you are willing to lift.

So, in order to lift up heavy equipment properly, you must invest in the right type of rigging hooks for every different project.


You can use shackles to interconnect different types of rigging equipment with one another. Shackles can easily handle weights ranging between 6000 pounds and 11,000 pounds. You can choose between chain shackles and anchor shackles depending on your personal needs. Pins attached with both sides of shackles allow you to easily connect to different types of rigging equipment. These are also really easy to disassemble. Shackles too come in various different sizes which you can choose from depending on the type of heavy equipment you are looking to lift.


Nuts made out of solid steel are used in picking heavy equipment. The actual size of the steel nut You should use depends on the weight and size of the heavy equipment you are going to lift. There are lots of different types of steel nuts you can choose from depending on your project, but using them is a must no matter how heavy or light of a load you are lifting.

Lifting Slings

Lifting slings used in lifting heavy loads are made out of synthetic material. Ceilings are used alongside wires when heavy loads are being lifted. Lifting slings come as either endless slings, or eye and eye slings. Both of them differ in their shape, but basically serve the same purpose. You can use these slings in rigging for extra balance, and these will also help in bearing heavy loads.


When you have to lift extremely heavy objects, you will have to use pulleys in the process. With the help of pulleys, you can easily reduce the amount of force needed to lift up and move heavy equipment from one place to the other. Blocks are also used alongside pulleys for the best results. Blocks can help you lift weights of up to 30 tons without causing much complications.

Pulleys come with both single and double pulley systems which have a rope Going through them, and attaching to the heavy equipment that you want to lift up. Pulleys use synthetic rope, while blocks use wire rope for the best results. Wire rope and blocks are a perfect combination for lifting up heavy equipment, and that’s why they are used together.

Eye Bolts

Whenever you have to loop cables while lifting heavy loads, you can easily use eye bolts for the best results. Eye bolts are made in different sizes, and with different materials to help accommodate different lifting needs.

You can use straight eye bolts in applications with straight lines, and shoulder eye bolts are used in angular connections. There also are other less commonly used types of eye bolts you can choose from if your lifting applications need them.

Other Accessories

The ropes used in rigging applications are made stronger by incorporating strands of steel wire. You can buy wires of different sizes according to different lifting applications. Other accessories like stops, thimbles, sleeves and clips are also needed for rigging.

These were some of the most important rigging equipment that you’ll have to invest in to make your rigging services MD go smoothly.