No matter what type of pool you’ve always dreamed about, you’ll have a specific budget to follow when looking to get a pool made in your house’s backyard. You can always find a perfect balance of affordability and luxury when looking to get a pool at a low to medium budget. In this blog, we’ll give you some of the best suggestions from pool contractors on how you can get a pool built for you on a budget.

Skip The Heater At First

Adding a heater to your new pool can add a lot of extra expense to your pool budget. So, if you’re tight on budget right now, you can actually skip the heater and add it later on when you’re in the right financial position to spend money on a pool heater. Many homeowners actually skip the heater at first and add it to their pool later on.

There’s another aspect to skipping the heater at first. After you’ve used your pool for a while, you’ll get the idea on whether you actually need a pool heater or not. So, at least wait a season after building your new pool to assess your needs, and then buy the right type of heater.

There are several different types of pool heaters, and choosing the right one can be a daunting task at first. However, you’ll have a clearer idea about the type of heater you actually want to install in your pool.

Avoid Adding Too Much Patio (Yet)

Adding a patio around your pool can actually be one of the most expensive things to do in a pool construction project. So, if you don’t currently have a fat budget for the pool project, you can only go with a 3 feet wide patio on all sides for now, and add more later on once you have enough money for that.

Many people who do this prefer adding papers since they blend well with the old patio around your pool. Flexibility is another reason why people choose pavers later on.

Don’t Go After Big Sizes

Going after a bug and expensive pool can render you unable to afford making the pool in the first place. Homeowners often start thinking too much about the size of the swimming pool they want to get. But the reality is, most of us get pools for our kids to help them enjoy their leisure time in the house.

That’s why you should cut some corners when it comes to choosing the size of your pool, especially if a larger sized pool is out of your range right now. The pool will still be equally fun both for you and your kids.

Get The Plumbing Done For Water Features And Slides That You’ll Add Later

Another step that you can take to cut down the cost of your swimming pool considerably is skipping things like slides and other water features when initially making your pool. However, the plumbing for these things is usually included in the fees of pool construction contractors. So, you can get the plumbing done for these features when getting your pool made, and add these features later on when you have the money.

Most of the water features and slides can cost you upwards of $2000 per item if you ever plan on adding them. That’s why you should skip them at first if you’re limited on budget. This simple step can help you save thousands of dollars initially.

Safety Cover Can Wait Till The End Of The Season

If you’re a type of person who wants to take zero risks and installs a security cover on the pool to ensure safety.

But if you’re getting the pool made in the beginning of the summer season, there’s no point of installing the pool cover in the summer season when the pool will be in regular use. So, you can wait till the end of the summer season to get the cover installed. Skipping a security cover for around 6 to 7 months can save you around $1000 right away.

These were some points you can follow to keep your pool project under your budget. There are various other ways of saving money on projects like these, but these were the easiest and the most effective ones. Make sure to hire cheap swimming pool builders Long Island to save money.