There are some countertops that can be installed with almost minimum to zero experience, but when it comes to natural stone work like marble and granite countertops, hiring a skilled and experienced installer for the whole process may make all the difference.

It’s very easy to spot the wrong installation techniques and minute mistakes in natural stone work. This could mean uneven edges, large gaps, inadequate levelling techniques, and the list can go on.

On top of that, you may end up paying a lot more money in the name of upcharges, getting low grade stone work and paying up even more to get the original work fixed.

If you’re looking to hire a granite countertop installer, before narrowing down your options, do a quick read of our essential guide on how to choose the right countertop installer:

Think Hard and Fast About the Rates They Are Offering

Well we all know that granite and other natural stone work isn’t cheap or for the faint-hearted ones. If the contractor you’re dealing with right now is offering you a granite slab at an unbelievable price, well think again as they might be trying to rip you off with low quality commercial grade granite. Commercial grade granite has pitting and horrible blotching that destroys the look of this beautiful stone.  That’s why I would usually advise all home owners to personally look at the slab of stone they are buying to have a rough idea about the thickness and quality.

Inquire About the Credibility of The Company

As previously mentioned, finding a skilled fabricator for your granite countertop installation is perhaps the most important part of the whole process. So, you have found a company that you would like to proceed with further, but are they shy of sharing their physical location? Does the company have their own showroom where you can pick out your favorite stone works and get to know the cut?

Well, be aware if they aren’t sharing their physical location with you, they are perhaps just middle men keeping the main chunk of commission or perhaps using primitive techniques and substandard raw material to get the job done.

Research Research Research

It’s not ideal to merely seal the deal with the first granite installation company you happen to stumble upon. We advise all homeowners to get a bid from at least 3 different fabricators before you narrow down the option. I know it can be tempting to quickly get the job done, but we don’t want you to pay hefty charges in the name of installation fees, so stay on top of your research game.

Ask About Their Techniques and Equipment

When choosing a company, we always advise customers to keep the latest countertop trends in mind. Today the most reputable companies are using digital technology to cut stone slabs, minimizing the overall dust production and reducing man power in the process. Before selecting a company, make sure it follows the highest standards of quality to get the job done.

Keep the Insurance in Mind

It never hurts to ask the countertop contractor about chances of being insured. Working in the stone industry, I can tell from experience that accidents are bound to happen. Whether it’s an unfortunate incident with one of the installers, or a bigger accident that could potentially damage your property, always make sure that the company you are going for has a proper insurance coverage to tackle all these incidents.

Witness the Work First Hand

In some cases, merely pictures and physical affirmations are not enough. Things such as installing kitchen countertops need years of skills and experience. Always visit the showroom and question about how the seams and edges of the final product will come out to be. Question them and get your concerns ahead. Read online reviews and customer feedback about the whole installation process and the final product.

Concluding, if you want your granite kitchen countertop to be flawlessly installed, learn a bit about granite countertops and their installation process. Also, make sure to contact multiple installers so that you have something to compare to. Remember that the number of years a granite countertop installer is in the business does matter, but also follow the above tricks to find the right natural stone countertop installer.