You have heard all about the benefits of keratin treatment and how it makes your hair smooth and straight and gets rid of dryness and frizz. But is it really that good for the hair?  Here’s what you need to know before going to a keratin treatment salon.

What Is Keratin?

Your hair is made out of long chains of protein. One of these proteins is called keratin and it is responsible for making your hair smooth and straight. Keratin is not only found in hair, but it is also present in the skin and nails.

This protein is what makes the hair and skin almost elastic and stretchy. Keratin is naturally abundant in the body, but if you want to amp up its effects of it on your hair, then you can get external keratin-induced treatments to make your hair look even healthier and straighter. Keratin treatment is one of them.

Keratin treatment is a very popular hair straightening technique that is adored by women all over the world. Women love the fact that they can get straight hair without using too much heat and damaging the hair. It has seemed to gain a lot of popularity over the years and now it is a staple treatment in salons.

Keratin Treatment: Good Or Bad?

Keratin treatment sounds very delightful, but is it really that good for your hair or does it have damaging properties? Here’s everything you need to know about the infamous keratin treatment.

It Has Formaldehyde In It

Keratin treatment is a great way to make your hair straight and silky, but you need to be conscious of the ingredients in it as well. One of the most damaging ingredients in a keratin treatment is formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a chemical that is combined with the keratin protein in order to amplify the effects of the treatment and break down the frizz in your hair. Although it sounds great, a lot of people have sensitivities to this chemical. It is quite harmful to the environment and it can cause some serious issues.

Effects Of Formaldehyde On Hair

Formaldehyde can make the hair lose its strength and it can become brittle over time. Some other external effects of formaldehyde can include:

  • Irritation in the scalp, especially if you have a sensitive scalp.
  • Redness in the eyes, since there might be fumes of formaldehyde and can affect the eyes.
  • Dizziness
  • If formaldehyde is inhaled through the nose, it can cause serious coughing fits and it can lead to a sore throat.
  • In some people, it can trigger nausea and vomiting, because of its odor.

Consistent Keratin Treatment And Damage

A keratin treatment is fine as long as it’s a one-time thing. If you are consistently using this treatment as a way to keep your hair straight, then it will obviously damage your hair. Any treatment which has chemicals in it is going to cause hair damage. Furthermore, it also will leave your hair dry and rough.

It’s better to maintain the keratin treatment by taking precautions and not ruining it. Take care of the treatment and follow the instructions given by the salon staff. They will give tips on how to make the treatment last long for up to 8 months.

A More Natural Straightening Technique

Aside from the presence of formaldehyde in the keratin treatment, it is actually a much safer way to straighten your hair than using other perming methods and heat use. Keratin treatment is the only treatment that uses the least possible amount of heat on your hair and the rest is done by the products applied to your hair.

It also gives a more realistic straight hair look rather than super straight hair. It maintains your natural hair texture, but it also makes it a lot better than before, and not to mention, gets rid of the frizz.


A keratin treatment is great for your hair, no doubt, but it doesn’t mean it won’t damage your hair. It’s not as bad as other permanent hair straightening techniques, but there certainly will be some degree of damage to the hair. Visit a hair straightening salon Potomac and find out the best methods of hair straightening.