If you use tap water for drinking, then you will sometimes experience an alteration in the taste of the water. It can smell and taste like iron. Here are some possible reasons why this could happen and should you switch to a bottle water home delivery service for clean and purified drinking water.

Supply Water Can Have Iron

The very probable reason why your water might be weird in taste is that there might be iron in the water. Supply water can have large amounts of iron in it, especially if the reservoir is poisoned with chemical waste, containing a lot of iron.

This is why you need to be very careful when drinking water straight from the tap, without any filter. The metals need to be removed from the water in order to make it safe for drinking, otherwise, this can lead to a lot of issues in the body.

Pipes May Be Corroded

There might be another very good reason why your water suddenly tastes like metal. If you have no previous history of your water turning bad in taste, then the supply water may not be contaminated but it might be the pipes that need checking.

Try to see whether there is any sort of corrosion in the pipes or not. The pipes which go all around the house are usually made of iron or steel and they can get corroded over time. This corrosive layer can travel with the water and it can impart a metallic taste to the water.

There Might Be Seepage

Pipes can also get leaked. This is nothing new, but if you let it go unnoticed for a long time, it can affect the water inside the pipes and the taste can turn weird. When there is leaking in the pipes, the moisture balance is interrupted and the walls of the pipes are exposed to corrosion.

This can lead to the pipes getting black on the inside and they will form fungus and mold, which can be easily dissolved in water, thus giving them a metallic and weird taste. This is why you need to check out for bursts and leaky patches around the pipe.

Arsenic Is Also A Culprit

The only metal responsible for making water taste weird is not just iron. Arsenic can also make the water taste extremely unpleasant. If your water is coming from a natural reservoir, which is deep in the Earth’s bed, then arsenic poisoning is possible to occur.

Arsenic is present in rocks and it can get dissolved in water if the contact remains for too long. This will also make the water acidic, which leads to it tasting weird and having a metallic tang. Sometimes, the color of the water can also change, from clear and transparent to murky and brownish red.

Traces Of Copper In Water

If your water is turning green and it tastes significantly like metal, then it might be contaminated by copper. Copper is a very common metal found in the Earth, as well as the pipes that take water from the supply reserve to your tap.

If your pipes are excessively corroded, then you can see a very visible green layer on it and that is corroded copper, which can get dissolved in water and give it a metallic taste. You want to check your pipes for corrosion and see if they need to be changed for new ones.

Presence Of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals like lead, chromium, etc. can also lead to the water tasting unpleasant and metallic. Lead is an extremely toxic metal and it can do a lot of damage to your body. It is usually found in corroded pipes, poisoned water reserves and chemical waste dumps.

It is suggested that you have your water checked for lead content and have a filter installed that can remove this toxic metal from your water so that you can drink it without any worries and be safe from metallic poisoning, which can occur when too much lead is consumed.


There you have it! Tap water can be very easily contaminated by metals and these are what impart a weird taste when you try to drink this water. You can either install a water filtration system that removes metal from water or have a home water delivery service Meadville deliver clean water bottles at your doorsteps.