There is no one fixed or right way to buy traditional rugs for your home. Some people start by deciding the size of the rug that can fit in their room. Others start with the color theme that will go with the room. It depends on you where you want to start from. Anything works as long as at the end, you are getting the right rug for your house. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about buying rugs.

How to buy a proper rug?

There are many factors you will need to consider when buying a rug. For us personally, the best place is to start is by looking at the different sizes of the rugs. Measure the room you want to place the rug in and decide how much area will the rug cover. That will help you understand how big the rug should be.

This way, when you go to a store, you can look at the rugs of a specific size and shortlist from there based on the other factors. Next, choose a style. Rugs come in various different styles, including traditional, modern and transitional. See which one goes with your room and your personal preference. Make a list of all the colors that you think can go with the room.

It is up to you if you want a laid-back rug or a pop of color. You can also shortlist based on the material of the rug or maybe the décor of the room. Lastly, check your budget and see what you can afford. While budget is an important factor, do not rely on it to choose the rug first. You might end up with a bad quality piece. Ask for a professional, like an interior designer, for help.

Different types of rug materials

Rugs come in countless varieties of materials. Therefore, it will be hard to cover up every single rug material out there. There is cotton, jute, silk, wool, synthetic fibers etc. The material choice depends upon you. Each material will provide a list of different pros and cons. Choose a material that fits your needs and requirements.

For us personally, wool and silk are the best materials out there for rugs. Not only are they high quality and comfortable materials but they are also durable. Wool is stain resistant and absorb moisture. Silk on the other hand is resistant to mold and fungus growth and is hypoallergenic.

How to maintain a rug?

Area rugs are not that hard to look after. You just need to follow some basic tips to prolong the rug’s life. Try to safeguard your rugs from UV rays etc. by placing them either away from a window or by covering up the windows. This will also prevent the rug from accumulating allergens during allergy season.

Clean your rugs regularly through vacuuming. If you spill anything on the rugs. Clean it immediately to avoid stains. Look into how you can take off stains from different rug materials to clean it properly. Do not wait for something to spill on the rug to learn how to clean it.

Regularly get it cleaned professionally. Avoid placing plant pots directly on the rugs. Lastly, keep rotating your rug so that all of its sides encounter even wear and tear. A high-quality rug will naturally last longer, however, you can use a high-quality rug pad to further protect it from damage.


Buying wholesale oriental rugs Vienna VA is not rocket science. All you have to do is follow a few tips to ensure that you are buying the right rug. While rug materials and color choices depend on you, it is always good to do a little research on the different types of materials.