There are various reasons for remodeling a bathroom. Some homeowners consider bathroom renovations for increasing the space while others want to update the theme and fixtures. The bathroom remodeling process may differ depending on what you want to accomplish. We are showing you the step-by-step process of a full bathroom remodel.

Develop A Floor Plan

Even with a full remodel, you can’t completely change the layout of the bathroom when developing a floor plan. Because some services and lines are difficult to move. That said, you can play around with different designs and ideas to select the plan that works for you.

Bear in mind that the cost of the remodel will increase as you deviate more from the original location of fixtures and utilities. So, go ahead with it if your budget allows it.

If you only want to supervise the process and hire contractors, involve them from the first step.

Get Building Permits

Go to your local building authority for getting a permit for the remodel. Some updates don’t need permits while some do. For instance, replacing the sink can be done without a permit, but replacing the plumbing will require a permit.

Set A Budget

Deciding the floor plan, plumbing, fixtures, color schemes, and everything else is important to set a budget. The budget depends on how many changes and what kind of changes you need. More changes and better materials will call for an increase in the budget.

Apart from that, the budget should have some flexibility for unpredictable costs like leaking or rusted plumbing, mold damage, etc.

Demolish The Bathroom

Once you have selected the design and set a budget, begin demolishing the bathroom. Depending on your preferences, you will need to remove the fixtures, old tiles, flooring, and other things. Moreover, you should also cut off the water and power supply to the bathroom.

Removal of most of the parts of the bathroom will expose many hidden parts and areas. You should inspect your bathroom for water damage, mold, and similar things to avoid problems later.

For instance, if you detect water damage under the flooring, it can increase the cost and duration of the remodel. But if you ignore it, you might have to demolish your newly remodeled bathroom later.

Replace Or Add Plumbing And Electrical System

Installation of plumbing and electrical system is a crucial step and it must be performed by a plumber and electrician respectively. Refer to your floor plan and proceed accordingly.

Install The Shower And/or Bathtub

Install the shower or bathtub or the shower-tub combination as you decided in the designing and planning step. If you’re replacing them, get the ones that match the theme of your bathroom.


Drywalling is essential for bathrooms to prevent moisture damage and fire hazards to an extent.

Tile And Flooring

Tiling is considered a costly part of a bathroom remodel. Choose tiles and flooring carefully keeping your preferences and the effectiveness of the materials in mind. Whichever materials you choose, they must have the attribute of water resistance.

To save money, you should research different materials and their pros and cons to select a good and cost-effective option.

Toilet And Fan Installation

After the flooring, you can install the toilet which is very easy and quick to install. When done with it, you should consider installing a bathroom fan for ventilation. You can choose an operable window, but most homeowners prefer a fan even when their bathroom has a window.

Install The Sink, Counter, And Cabinets

You can now install the sink and vanity. Their installation isn’t considered difficult and those who want to DIY can do it with some assistance from an expert or online resources. But, if you have hired a contractor, it’s better to have them install them to avoid issues.

Add The Accessories

When everything is done, you can focus on accessories like towel bars, shelves, soap dispensers, etc. Similar to other things, the accessories should also match the design and theme of the bathroom.


A typical bathroom remodel can take from 3-4 weeks. You should plan the remodel carefully and consult bathroom remodeling contractors to ensure the project goes as planned. The materials used for the bathroom remodel take up most of the cost, so choose them wisely. abbro