Rugs are more than just choosing the right patterns and colors. Sometimes, the physical characteristics are just as important as anything else and you need to understand them before you commit to buying machine-made or handmade rugs in the first place. Here is everything you need to know about high pile and low pile rugs.

Low Pile Rugs

What They Are?

Low pile rugs are rugs that are thinner in appearance. Usually, rugs are made out of strands being tied with one another and there is some thickness imparted from the strands. This is the pile of the rug. Low pile rugs are thin, about 1/4th of an inch thick and they are used in typical décor like in bedrooms, kitchens, and guest rooms.

These rugs don’t have a lot of cushion in them, so they are also good for outdoors, or as welcome rugs. They might be thin, but they are still quite good when it comes to longevity and you will love the results. Low pile rugs are made by using thinner strands and they are knotted together in a way that allows the rug to be thin and compact.

Some people love the look of this rug, because it’s authentic and thin, while some people prefer thicker rugs, so the choice is ultimately yours.


Even though low pile rugs are marketed to be super thin, they’re not to be confused as being fragile, by any means. Low pile rugs don’t have a lot of cushions, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t last as long as any other type of rug. The characteristic of this rug being thin has a great advantage and it helps to give the rug more strength and durability.

These rugs, if maintained properly, can last up to 10 years, which is a long and sufficient time for any rug. So, if you’re a fan of these rugs, then you’ll be delighted to know that they are in for the long haul.


There is a lot of variety available in low pile rugs. You don’t need to worry over the fact that these rugs won’t have a lot of choices, especially if you need something that goes with your room perfectly.

You will find something that fits your needs and styles in the low pile rug category and once you put it in the room, you will love the effect it gives. Low pile rugs have something that just makes the room look cozy, but not overboard and that’s amazing.

Are They Worth It?

As mentioned previously, low pile rugs are preference-based rugs. If you like them and want them in your house, then there’s no need for you to look for second options or for something better. You can certainly go for these rugs if that’s the kind of style you prefer. There are many Persian, oriental, and tribal rugs Virginia that are low pile and are alluring.

Low pile rugs are also great because they’re low maintenance and if you want, you can even throw them in the washing machine, so there’s no need to dry clean the rug if you’re not feeling like it. These rugs also dry quickly, so you don’t need to wait for days upon days for the rug to get dry, so that you can use it again.

The Price

Low pile rugs are available in reasonable and expensive price ranges. Just because the rug is thin, doesn’t mean that the price is going to be rock bottom. Low pile rugs are considered to be more popular than their high pile counterparts, so this is also what makes the price go up.

They are available in prices between $50 to $350 and that’s a pretty good range if you’re looking for an authentic rug in a more reachable price range. If you luxury rugs, you can also find more expensive low pile rugs as well. They may cost thousands of dollars.

High Pile Rugs

The Basics

High pile rugs, as the name suggests, are rugs that are thicker in width. They are thicker than low pile rugs, obviously and the thickness is somewhere in between greater than 1/4th of an inch to 1 ½ inch. So, these rugs are pretty poofy and fluffy which is perfect for bedrooms where you want to add that cozy element or if you want more cushion in certain places, like the living room, or even the kitchen.

There is no specific place where high pile rugs need to be placed. You can choose wherever you want to put them.

How Long-Lasting Are They?

You might associate the thickness of the rug directly with durability, but that’s not always the case. High pile rugs don’t always live up to the longevity expectations, as compared to other thinner rugs. High pile rugs are great and that’s not to say that they won’t last long, but they certainly have some downsides that low pile rugs don’t have.

These rugs have a greater tendency to become frayed and they also have indentations on the surface, because of something heavy being put on the rug for a long time. It’s safe to say that these rugs can get deformed rather quickly than low pile rugs.

Is There A Lot To Choose From?

Yes, there is. High pile rugs, even though they can be very cushiony at times, are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. These rugs are also available in oriental and Persian varieties which is amazing.

You can choose something from a mile-long variety of rugs and you will find something that resonates with you. These rugs have more variety than low piled rugs and they’re also available in synthetic fabrics and nylon, so if you’re someone who prefers these materials over the traditional wool and silk then you can certainly go for these rugs.

Worth The Money?

High pile rugs are sometimes worth it and other times they’re just not it for some people. They are very hard to maintain and if you want to maintain that fluffiness, then you need to dry clean the rug. It also needs to be protected from animals and pets because they can have a field day with this fluffy rug and they’re going to ruin it.

The maintenance of these rugs is a lot more than low pile rugs, so if you’re not interested in that, then you probably should go for some other low-maintenance rug.

The Cost

High pile rugs are also quite reasonable in price. The price can differ, depending on what type of material you’re choosing for the rug. You can either go for the oriental and authentic rugs that are going to be a tad bit expensive, but super luxurious in feel and appearance, or you can go for the synthetic variety. While the feel of synthetic rugs might not be the same as the authentic rugs, you will still love the fact that it’s soft and warm.


High pile and low pile rugs are different from one another and they also differ in properties and qualities. So, now that you have this extra information, you can get to the process of rug buying. You can find high pile and low pile rugs in Oriental, Turkish, and Persian rugs Virginia, and many other types.