Trees are a gift of nature but can also become a threat if they become unmanageable. Everyone likes to have trees in their backyards or front yards but that does not mean the neighbors should have to bear the expense if tree is too big or dangerous in any other way. Here are some tips to handle your neighbor’s dangerous tree without any escalations or risks. An easy way is to suggest them an arborist service.

Talk To The Neighbor

The first thing you can do to handle a dangerous tree situation lurking near your home is talking face to face with your neighbor. Some people prefer talking over the phone but situations like these need closure. It may be that your neighbor does not like talking over the phone and would appreciate it if you shared your concern personally.

That said, you should approach your neighbor keep a polite and calm attitude, and ask them for a bit of their time. Once they agree, you should lay the foundation of how trees can easily become dangerous if they are too near to someone’s property or if they are infested or dyeing. If they are not aware, you can also convey the legal consequences if damages occur.

The problem many homeowners do not realize is that a bad weather can extremely damage a tree and this can cause damage to the surroundings of the tree as well. From the looks, it might not seem as if the tree is going to incur any damage but you never know. People have always underestimated the fact that trees can fall during high winds.

Similarly, if the tree is infested, grown too much, or has any other problem, let the neighbor know about the issue. Make sure that you properly inspect the tree to inform the neighbor of what needs to be done. If you have the tools and skills, you can ask the neighbor if they allow you to trim some branches and shrubs. However, if the case seems to be complicated, you should suggest an expert. Plus, if your neighbor is a renter, you will need to contact the property owner.

Request A Tree Inspection

Once the neighbor has agreed to your concerns and your suggestion about hiring a tree cutting service Potomac, you should call them for a thorough tree inspection and follow up with any recommendations. It might be that your neighbor is elderly and cannot look after the process. In this case, you should take full responsibility and lead the task.

Before the arborist can begin working, you should ask them some questions just for peace of mind. Keep in mind that the tree trimming or removal process takes time and planning. If the arborist is in a hurry, you should avoid letting them handle the tree.

There have been many incidents in the past where arborists took down the trees without properly inspecting them. This could be a very serious risk as the tree could unexpectedly fall on someone or someone’s property.

Handle It Legally

If upon sharing your concerns, the neighbor does not agree or ignores you, it means you should pursue the issue legally. Some states have strict rules governing the plantation and maintenance of trees. This is why you should visit the relevant authorities and let them know what’s bothering know.

If such is the case, your neighbor is legally compliant to hear your concerns as it endangers you or someone else. However, if they neither wish to talk to you over the phone or personally, you should write a letter to the relevant authorities.

Make sure to keep a copy of your letter or any other relevant documents. This is because if the tree damages your home, you can present the documents to the relevant authorities and prove your neighbor was negligent.

Moving on, if the letter does not make any difference and your neighbor continues to remain unbothered, it is now time to consult a lawyer. You should be familiar with your rights so you can take the necessary steps if you have to defend yourself.

While hiring a lawyer, search online or ask for recommendation from your friends, family, or colleagues. There are plenty of options out there and you need to hire someone who can represent your case in the best possible way. If the lawyer can prove to the court that the tree is dangerous, the court will order the neighbor to to trim the tree or remove it.

Clear The Area

If you opt to tackle the situation legally, it might take some time for the law to take action. In the meantime, keep the area clean if your yard becomes messy with debris from the tree. If your kids play in the back or front yard where the tree is, you should tell them to avoid playing in the area.

Furthermore, if you have pets or any other valuable items in the vicinity, you should move them away. If the hazard tree is near your back or front yard, it might be that the authorities need to access your property as well, which means you will need to clear the obstructions anyway.

Document The Damage

If worse comes to worst, you should be prepared for it and document everything. Make sure to take pictures so that the relevant authorities can analyze the damage done to your property. You should take a clear picture of where the tree is located and how it compromises the safety of your property.

In addition to that, do not attempt to take pictures while the neighbor is standing right in front of you. They have the right to complain about you invading their privacy. Make sure the neighbors are inside or away when taking pictures.

If that is not possible, someone who is not known by your neighbor. Be careful. Taking pictures of someone’s personal property is considered a breach of privacy and can land you in trouble. Therefore, you should either use a powerful camera or request the officials to personally visit and analyze the damage.

Be A Good Neighbor

The responsibility of ensuring the trees are maintained does not only lie on your neighbor but also on yourself. As mentioned earlier, having trees in your front or backyard is not a bad idea unless they become a threat. So, you should be aware of the laws and schedule professional inspection and maintenance to keep the trees within their limits.

Just as you have the right to your safety and privacy, so do your neighbors. If someone comes up to you and shares their concern, you should listen to them and agree to take the best possible action. At the same time, you should set an example for the rest of the neighbors to follow. A little effort goes a long way in terms of keeping everyone happy and settled.


Dealing with a dangerous tree and a negligent neighbor can be a difficult task. However, considering the tips mentioned above, you are most likely to reach a solution and they may consider tree removal companies Kensington for a tree inspection and removal. If not, you always have the right to approach the court and request them to handle the situation. Always make sure you are polite and do not run into altercations to land up in legal trouble.