Free tree removal! Seems impossible right? Why would anyone in their right sense of mind go through the heart wrenching hassle of cutting your tree and not charge you a single cent? Although a tree cutting service is your best option but you can get your tree removed for free.

Tree removal is a tough job and one which only certified and skilled arborists should perform. But if you look in broad terms, the job is not as tough as it seems if performed with the right tools and understanding. Sometimes people also remove your tree for free, well you have to pay a price for it but the price is next to free. Read below the ways for how you can get tree removal for free.

Municipality May Help

If your tree is in your yard but also coming on the road a little bit and the growth of the tree is creating a disturbance for the people passing but or for the cars passing by then you need to research whether the municipality of your area solves these issues or not. Surely they will do it for free if it is creating havoc for the public.

If your tree is growing big and the roots are entering your main sewerage line then the tree must go. The municipality of that area will remove the tree free of cost because the roots then may also interfere with the main sewerage line of the whole area.

If your tree has become ill, is near death or has died or is leaning towards one side then it poses a threat to property and people of that area as you will never know in which direction the tree will fall suddenly. Also the illness may spread to other trees and plants as well. Due to this danger the municipality may be contacted which will do tree removal free of cost.

Power Company’s Help

If the tree branches are touching the power lines, then you need to contact the power company and may do the task free of charge.

Do It Yourself

Why do you need the services of an arborist when you can perform the task yourself? Research how to cut down a tree and watch tons of videos and tutorials. Gather your friends and family and ask around for the necessary tools, you can even pay rent for usage. Ask if any of your friends or family has a truth to carry the tree and the branches. Wear protective gear and ask your friends and family to help out and remove the tree with teamwork. One of you can cut a wedge, one can remove obstructions, and one can pull the rope and so on. You can pay for the fuel charges or rental for the truck. For the stump removal, wait for the fall season when the growth is stagnant and soft and remove the stump during that time.

Free Wood For Tree Removal

You can even advertise in newspapers that you will give the wood for free to the person who will cut your tree and also clear the area free of charge. Many people need wood for the winter season or in places where there is winters all year round to burn in chimneys.

Self-Employed Loggers

If you have a special tree such as a Fir or Pine then you may contact self-employed and self-sustained loggers who will cut down your tree for free and process the wood into lumber and logs for selling. Who knows, maybe you are lucky and get paid for the tree in turn as well.

Tree Removal Services

Without judging and making your assumptions that tree removal will be expensive, try to get a quote from different companies and you never know, you get a very low quote, a steal deal and you get your tree removed.

There are many ways that you can get your tree removed for free. You just need to explore and research and see which way will work in your favor and get you a deal. It nothing works, find an arborist Bethesda who cuts trees. It will cost you some money, but the tree removal process will be seamless.