Uh-oh! Is that murky, dirty water coming from your tap? Well, you can’t just sit around and wait for it to go away. You need a water filter, but how to know which water treatment option best suit you? Well, here is what to know.

Common Water Filtration Systems

If you’re looking for great water filtration systems, these will get the job done. However, in the end, the right choice depends on what kinds of impurities your tap water contains.

Sediment Filters

The first one is the very basic, but highly effective sediment filter. This filter can be cylindrical and it’s usually mounted right by the sink. It is used to remove all kinds of suspended particles like sand, metals and other loose things in the water. This filter can also remove arsenic and iron from water, so you can rest assured that your water will be pure and ready for chugging down.

This is the most inexpensive option from the lot, but that’s not to say that it’s not effective at all. You will be satisfied with the results and will want this filter everywhere in your house. You only need to change the filters every now and then and that’s pretty much it for the maintenance.

Carbon Filters

We all know that activated carbon is amazing for removing all kinds of impurities, so a carbon filter is no exception either. A carbon filter is similar to a cylindrical filter or it can also be attached as a separate assembly on your tap or wherever the water is coming from and you want to purify it.

Activated carbon sucks in all the impurities within itself and it makes the water 99% pure and clear. It is also amazing for removing toxic metals and waste from the water that can make it taste weird. It’s also perfect for people who have stomach issues and want to get their hands on a filter that won’t make their gut upset.

UV Water Filters

UV filters are nothing like they sound and yet they do an amazing job at removing all of the impurities in the water. It’s essentially a probe with UV light illuminating inside. This glass probe can be submerged into the water you want to purify and the rest is history.

Without adding any chemicals or agents, your water will turn from impure to pure and the best part? UV light filter also gets rid of any bacteria and virus that’s in the water, so your gut will be happy and healthy.

These filters are a bit on the expensive side and they don’t remove sediments, so you will need an external filter that’s going to remove the sediments after the water is treated with the UV filter. That can be a bit of a hassle, but the results are amazing.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

You can’t go wrong with a reverse osmosis system Jefferson County. This is probably the best filtration system for your house, if there’s gallons upon gallons of dirty and impure water coming in from the taps. For this, you need to understand the mechanism of reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is the process in which any fluid can be treated and filtered through a semipermeable membrane. This membrane will remove all of the impurities, but will let water pass, so there’s no wastage.

The only downside to reverse osmosis is that the water fed into the system needs to be free of sediments, so you’ll need to filter the water with a sediment filter before you can operate the RO system, otherwise the assembly can break down.

What To Consider Before Buying Water Filtration Systems?

Now that you know some of the best water filtration systems out there, you need to keep some things in mind when buying the perfect water filtration system, that’s easy to use, for your house.

What Impurities Are Present

The first thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for a water filtration system is the water quality. Are there a lot of impurities in the water? Are there heavy metals in the water? Is the water hard? Does it need more than filtration?

These questions are really important to ask yourself when you are looking for a water filtration system, because not all have the same purpose and some work better than others, so you need to get the best bang for your buck. So, test your water, see what impurities are in it and then make a decision.

Your Budget

The next most important thing to go over, when looking for a water filtration system, is the budget. See, there are cheap water filters and then there are expensive ones, but that doesn’t mean that you can buy one, solely based on the price. You should understand what your needs are and then allocate a budget for the specific water filtration system.

You can’t just buy something, either because it’s cheap or it’s the latest model. You need to go beyond looks and reviews and get something that not only fits your budget, but also gets the job done.

The Space

This is another important factor to consider. Of course, you need a water filtration system that’s going to fit perfectly in your space. If you’re getting something that’s either too big or too small, then you’re essentially defeating the purpose of filtering your water.

You want to assess the space you have, and then narrow your options down to the best ones that will be perfect. There are countertop mounted filters that don’t take a lot of space, or under the sink filters that are hidden and discreet, so take your pick, while keeping space on the forefront.

Volume Of Water

This is something that can make or break your decision of buying a water filtration system for your house. You need to think about this one thing very clearly and that is: How much water does need filtration in a day in your household?

Depending on the amount of filtered water you need every day, you must choose a water filtration system that will be able to take the bulk of the load. You don’t want to invest in a filtration system that doesn’t filter the specific amount of water you need, otherwise it’s a waste of your money. So, think over this detail and then make your decision.


You want to think about the maintenance of the water filtration system. Some filters just need to be changed after a specific amount of time, while some filtration systems have different moving parts that need a bit of looking after.

After you’ve established the need for a water filtration system, you want to also think about the degree of maintenance. Let’s be real! No one wants to slave over a filter for hours on end, so choose the filter wisely, because it’s capable of turning your life around.


All water filtration systems may seem like they’re the same thing, but they’re not. So, know your needs and the types of well water filtration systems Frederick County available so that you can make the right decision.